Main Head

Photographic Manipulations

Taking Pictures

"Taking Pictures"
Photo composite
M odels Emilie Clingerman
and Tu-anh Pham


Deadly Fire
Photomanipulation and collage
for magazine article on fire safety

Letters From Camp
Magazine spread. Created
completely in Photoshop.

Poster Background
Text overlaid in final version

AGNR Annual Open House Poster.
Additonal materials includes programs, banners, advertisements, and maps.

Page header forwebsite on 4 wheel drive vehicles and off road activities.

Graphic for Momentum magazine article about Chesapeake Bay watershed issues.


Mount Rushmore Terp
This was used as an advertisement for the hat Testudo is wearing –
that's right, all this for the hat.

Composite of an image of a sinkhole, and a Star Wars toy. Used in a blog post (humor)


Photo manipulation for
Halloween event. Model–Pete

Full Color Illustrations

Illustration describing the relationship between the spinal cord, nervous system, and musculature, and how nerve synapses are employed in the human body

Clone Cats

Cat clone illustration, showing the process used in the creating cc, the first cloned cat

Water injection process for increasing oil recovery in declining production wells.

Filter and flow control for bever dams in agricultural and flood control applications

Skin Layers

Sonic (sound wave) treatment for collagen and skin cell treatment

Telomeres and their effect on aging and cell death.

Illustration showing how a self repairing polymer system works

Illustration of the action of the human bicep and the forces/strsses involved in the musclulature and skeletal system

Three dimensional molecular model

Illustration of animal care worker feeding bear infants

Illustration of fish mating behaviors

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